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Thank you for finding out more about me.

My professional background derives from the Banking and Financial Services sector; however, since 1999 I have been involved in some sort of business of one type or another. I am the Co-Founder of Pathway Group (Workforce Solutions) delivering Apprenticeship Programmes and training solutions for businesses as well as the Co-Founder of Nationwide Care Services (Home Care services) incorporating Nationwide Care Pharmacy.

I am also the Founder of Asian Apprenticeship Awards, which is all about recognising and celebrating talent and diversity amongst apprentices with the British Asian Community and the organisations that support them.

I also run a commercial cleaning business under the name of Pathway Cleaning Ltd & London and Midland Cleaning which specialise in ventilation & extraction cleaning to TR19 standards and we count facility management companies, schools and colleges and a number of NHS Trusts as our clients as well as independent hospitality and care-home businesses)

As part of my business journey, I realised in the early days that networking can make a significant difference and impact and I pursued this strategy as way to develop myself and to grow my business.

I began my business-networking journey both online and “offline” with “ecademy” in the early 2000’s. I was also member or visitor to many other business groups as well, but apart from “ecademy” I never really felt part of any other business networking community.

In 2012, I took the plunge with setting up a boutique business-networking brand called “Pathway2Grow” with a vision to conduct business networking differently with the tag line “Network, Learn and Grow”. We are still a small network but have grown and now differentiate and market differently with our networking brands with Coffee & Natter as a daytime free business event, Chutney & Chat as an evening event and Samosa Saturday, which is our women’s networking and empowerment brand. We have also introduced “Peer Meetup” which is for specific industry meets. We have plans to launch “Cereal Network” a breakfast event all to continue under the umbrella of Pathway2Grow.

Business Growth Motivator and Business Investor.

I do not regard myself as a traditional business coach or a mentor and usually only work with “clients” that become my business partners of some sort. I’m not interested in individuals looking to fund ideas or inventions or what I call “pet projects” however I’m always open to opportunities to work with individual people and businesses whom are open-minded and ‘straight forward’ where we can scale and grow the business. There is an opportunity to join us initially with our Mastermind group which is Birmingham based and is called Director2Director, or D2D and this enables business leaders to learn, develop, share ideas, network, and grow their businesses

If you ever get the opportunity to speak with a range of business people – leaders and entrepreneurs and ask regarding their biggest business challenge is, you will likely to get a similar response that growing their business in a sustainable predictable, profitable way is it. This is the reason that I created and teach the “three Pillars to sustainable business growth” that being, numbers, systems and processes and mind-set. You see regardless of your industry and business sector or type of business, or whether you’re in a B2B or B2C environment, there is a formula for success in delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

Well, as I often say: everything starts with a conversation and if you wish to realise your personal and professional goals, ambitions, and are open and straightforward in your approach then let’s talk.

Safaraz Ali (Saf)

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