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Everyone learns in different ways, but it can be argued that certain styles of learning are more effective than others. An existing model popular for learning (below) places emphasis on learning and developing through experience.

However, I think it’s crucial to split the way we learn more evenly. In my opinion, learning and developing through others is just as important as learning and developing through experience.

Why? I’ve realised that having XX years of experience in a sector/industry no longer has a significant role as a success factor anymore. Of course, it plays a part but an ever-decreasing one. How we learn has changed and there is a need to change further. We place more emphasis than ever before on training; webinars, seminars, classes, as well as learning from peers, mentors, coaches, and networking.

As an answer to this new style of learning, we have introduced PeerMeetUp for training providers. This networking group offers a place where peers can meet, connect with each other, and attend information sharing sessions that are designed to bring opportunities for all.

Conventional Networking vs. Peer Networking

Conventional networking is the most popular and most recognisable form of networking. It’s quite easy to attract attendees, but is not specific to any particular industry or market. The general idea is to bring people together to exchange conversations around what their business is and find people who they could add value too (rarely vice versa). Attendees collect thousands of business cards, many of which are no use to them.

Peer networking, on the other hand, isn’t held as a public event. These networking events are advertised specifically to the target markets and you are only presented with people in your own sector.

What is PeerMeetUp?

PeerMeetUp is about connecting and collaborating with the right people. It will have people from specific industries who will be delivering workshop and training sessions for attendees to gain tailored market knowledge. Attendees will be able to meet peers in their industry with a higher success rate of potential collaboration or partnership than any other format including traditional conferences, seminars etc.

It’s a chance to gain and share valuable knowledge and experiences, build your own network and contacts, and further opportunities. In addition, you can showcase your organisation and projects, and raise your own profile.

Monthly meet ups will consist of events based on topics which are requested by the attendees. There will be the opportunity to network with key stakeholders. PeerMeetUp will introduce a range of communication tools to engage beyond the hours you meet every month. Slack is an online collaborative tool, which we will be using to create discussions which involve solving real problems through collaboration.

What’s next?

PeerMeetUp for Training Providers will meet in London on 23rd March 2016. The next event in London will be on 19th April 2016 – further details to be released. We have plans to grow nationally with the right partners, so contact us if you are interested in any capacity.

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