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Safaraz Ali Books
I am an avid reader of business books, and believe there is always more to learn, however, I felt there was a need for business books giving advice in small chunks or ‘Bites’, I believed that Canny business owners and managers picked the best of the fruit from different sources and so Canny Bites was born, I have been overwhelmed by the success of my first book, that more followed.

Originally my idea was for busy business people to pick up my book once a week and use just one ‘Bite’ of advice, it’s the small changes that can make a big difference!
My books are for sale on Amazon as Kindle, Audio Book and Paperback. 
I hope you find the advice helpful in whatever way you use it in your daily business life. Happy reading!

Canny bites

Canny Bites - 52 bites of business wisdom

Canny Bites: 52 bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs’ is a toolkit for changing your professional life. It is designed to share with busy business people know-how, wisdom, and advice in a way that is memorable and practical.

Another 52 Bites of Business Wisdom

Canny Bites - another 52 bites of business wisdom

‘Canny Bites: Another 52 bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs’ is an encyclopaedia of practical business tips for today’s professionals dives into the details and know-how needed to be a successful business professional.

Attract Retain and Grow

Canny Bites - attract. Retain. Grow.

‘Canny Bites: Attract, retain and grow your team to grow your business’ breaks down exactly what you need to get the right people for your business, keep them, and develop & grow your team, from trends in the workplace to business culture, onboarding and much more.

Canny Bites Scale up or Exit

Canny Bites - scale up or exit.

The fourth instalment in the Canny Bites series, ‘Successfully Scale Up or Exit Your Business’ helps business owners and leaders know exactly what they need to consider when growing their business. It’s a workbook and a checklist for entrepreneurs to help put the foundations in place ensuring they have the right toolkits making scaling an easier task.