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Great people make great business, great businesses create great teams!

WHEN the American space programme was in its infancy in the early 1960’s, President John Kennedy who set the challenge of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely within a decade, visited the then new space Agency NASA.

During that visit he was taken to the staff canteen and got talking to a lady who was clearing plates and wiping down tables. The President asked her about her job. The canteen worker said that: “I am helping to put a man on the moon.”

This is wonderful story that those of us in business would do well to remember as it clearly demonstrates an understanding of a defined goal that each team member should know where the business is heading alongside their own objectives and contribution.

In my latest Canny Bites book titled: attracting, retaining, and growing your team to grow your business, a common phrase I use is ‘chew on it,’ by which I simply mean give it some thought, consider whether this would this work for you and encourage you take some to consciously reflect on what is working for you and what might you do differently.

There is a saying by the motivational speaker Marcus Buckingham; ‘People leave managers, not companies. It is certainly true to that people are attracted to people but also teams as good people energise and can inspire you and equally the opposite can be true as well. Of course, people leave jobs for many different reasons but verily it is due to lack of engagement, empowerment, or progression.

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