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Hello I'm Safaraz Ali (Saf), I am intensely proud of the people I work with & our achievements as a team. The outcomes we strive to achieve together are all about making a meaningful difference. This is one of the reasons why some refer to me as a MAD (Make a Difference) entrepreneur, although the term 'social entrepreneur' is a phrase I personally prefer!

I have spent over 22 years as a social entrepreneur and my time and experience as CEO of Pathway Group has taught me that we all need to stay relevant and that means: being open to new ideas, sharing and learning. The way I demonstrate this is by engaging & continuously learning, I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner and this is one of the reasons why I am podcasting & writing. I am genuinely interested and inquisitive and continuously want to do the right thing in all that I do.

I do believe in profit, but not for profit's sake because like most things in life it's about getting the balance right, this is why profit with purpose is a very powerful combination. I believe that if you can get the right mix of profit with purpose, then it's a real win-win for all.

I am naturally open minded and want to make a positive impact in everything I do, so if we're not already, then let's connect.

Safaraz Ali
Safaraz Ali

Business Investor

Social Entrepreneur





I'm Safaraz Ali, simply a Social Entrepreneur with years of business experience, I write books, podcast, judge at major business awards and am proud to be CEO of one of Birminghams biggest Apprenticeship and training providers.


I host regular podcasts on a range of business and training sector subjects. Want to be my guest, or perhaps I could be yours?


I have created a number of business self-help videos, called Canny Bites, to accompany my books. I am also available for video interviews.


I am regularly consulted for articles, in the Times, Birmingham Business Magazine and FE Week (and many others).


Social Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Author & Mentor. sdvsvsvsv

Business Investor

I have invested in a number of Birmingham based businesses across the training and care sectors.

Guest Podcaster

I run regular podcasts and am always happy to work with podcasters as a guest.

Media Appearances

I have appeared on a number of local news channels and media events.

Panel Speaker

With experience of speaking at national events and appearing on Business Awards Judging panels.


With a keen interest and passion for business, I am proud to have personal interested in a number of successful businesses.

Safaraz Ali


Some quick information on things I am asked for all the time, if your business or event is in need of  a local, high profile business and investment professional then read on..

I am proud to be an investor in business and people. But always on the look out for new opportunities so don’t be shy, get in touch to see how I could add value to your business. 

Do you produce a regular podcast and need an experienced business professional and social entrepreneur? I have appeared as a guest on many podcasts and even run my own. 

Regularly interviewed, I have experience with the media and don’t shy away from appearances for interview at media events. 

With involvement in many business events as a sponsor & Judge, these include: The Birmingham Awards, Business Book Awards, BAME Apprenticeship Awards, Festival of Apprenticeships and more. 

With experience of speaking on a panel, I am frequently requested to provide expertise at live events and business workshops.

Safaraz Ali


i have the pleasure in working with some of the UK's leading business professionals and mentors.


Leave me some details and I will get back to you.


    Are you working in the Apprenticeship or FE Sector?
    Do you run a business with potential but in need of investment?
    Looking for a Judge for a business awards event?

    All questions are welcome.