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Hello I'm Safaraz Ali (Saf), I am intensely proud of the people I work with & our achievements as a team. The outcomes we strive to achieve together are all about making a meaningful difference. This is one of the reasons why some refer to me as a MAD (Make a Difference) entrepreneur, although the term 'social entrepreneur' is a phrase I personally prefer!

I have spent over 22 years as a social entrepreneur and my time and experience as CEO of Pathway Group has taught me that we all need to stay relevant and that means: being open to new ideas, sharing and learning. The way I demonstrate this is by engaging & continuously learning, I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner and this is one of the reasons why I am podcasting & writing. I am genuinely interested and inquisitive and continuously want to do the right thing in all that I do.

I do believe in profit, but not for profit's sake because like most things in life it's about getting the balance right, this is why profit with purpose is a very powerful combination. I believe that if you can get the right mix of profit with purpose, then it's a real win-win for all.

I am naturally open minded and want to make a positive impact in everything I do, so if we're not already, then let's connect.

Safaraz Ali
Safaraz Ali

Social Entrepreneur, CEO & Business Leader

Business Investor, Acquisition Entrepreneur and Problem Solver

Non-Executive Director, Volunteering and Judging Roles

Panel Speaker, Media Appearances and Guest Contributor



I'm Safaraz Ali, deeply rooted in grassroots impact and driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference. With over two decades as a social entrepreneur, I've come to value the power of continuous learning and open-mindedness. As the CEO of Pathway Group, a skills and employability organisation. I champion the mantra: "Stay relevant, stay curious." While I understand the significance of profit, my true pursuit lies in blending it with purpose for holistic success. If you share a passion for impactful growth and meaningful connections, lets connect.


I host regular podcasts on a range of business and training sector subjects. Want to be my guest, or perhaps I could be yours?


I have created a number of business self-help videos, called Canny Bites, to accompany my books. I am also available for video interviews.


I am regularly consulted for articles, in the Times, Birmingham Business Magazine and FE Week (and many others).


Here to Help.

Social Entrepreneur, CEO & Business Leader

I am an active and invested investor, having incubated as well as turned around a number of businesses that would be regarded as social impact enterprises in the field of skills, employability, social care, recruitment and recently digital and technology platforms.

The businesses I am directly involved with presently turnover more than £30 Million annually and employ just over 1000 people and make a difference to people daily. I am presently in leadership and board level positions in over 5 businesses including being the current CEO of Pathway Group, the Chair of Nationwide Care Services Limited, Founder and Chair of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and Awards, Founder of Thinkfest Limited and Managing Director of F5 Foster Care Ltd: Amongst a few others.

I'm an Honorary Associate and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Open University. I offer strategic guidance and investment insights to businesses in social care, recruitment and government funded skills and employability sector. My forte lies in crafting scale-up strategies, expertly navigating business issues and opportunities and all things people and people related matters.

Business Investor, Acquisition Entrepreneur and Problem Solver

I am open to and believe in acquisition entrepreneurship, but always this being done ethically and creating a true win-win-win approach. My 'Buy and Build' strategy focuses on helping businesses grow and reach their full potential, rather than asset stripping them. I understand the hard work and dedication that goes into building a business, and I believe that every business deserves a chance to thrive.

I approach every acquisition with respect, professionalism, and courtesy and understand that the process of selling a business can be a difficult one, and I strive to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

I will work closely with business owners to understand their goals and objectives and will tailor our approach to meet your needs and that every business we acquire has the opportunity to thrive.

Non-Executive Director, Volunteering and Judging Roles

I am a Non-Executive Director of ERSA, the Employment Related Services Association which is the trade membership body for the employment support sector and our members span the private, public, and voluntary sectors. I have previously been involved with a number of third sector organisations regionally in the West Midlands and I have been dealing with forming strategic alliances, turnaround operations, recruitment of board members and a CEO as well as participating in an Audit and transaction committee, being a member of remuneration and interview panel and also a member of performance sub-committee. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Employability Professionals, the Group Lead for the British Asian Business Community Special Interest Group for the Institute of Directors (IOD) and the Chair of the Conservative Friends of Small Business in the Heartlands regions.

I am the Founding Chair of the Junior Academy of Birmingham Sports (JABS) B8 and an Ambassador for Birmingham Youth Sports Academy (BYSA) as well Founder and Chair of Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and Awards. I am proud to serve as a Judge for the following awards: Innovation Awards, Birmingham Awards, Signature Awards, Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards, National Apprenticeship Awards as well as the Prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards as well

Panel Speaker, Media Appearances and Guest Contributor

I have experience of speaking at both regional and national events on topics such as diversity, skills and employability and entrepreneurship. I have spoken and appeared at Skills World Live, AELP autumn conference, Apprenticeships4England, AOC National Conference on Equality Diversity and Inclusion.

I regularly contribute to local radio stations and TV channels and have been featured in The Sunday Times for an article titled: “Licensed to Skill” Why vocational learning is the secret to a happier and more productive workforce. The Birmingham Business Magazine also featured me under the title “The pathway to success” and FE WEEK under the title “The DfE's blanket Strategy is cloth-eared” where I speak about the government’s strategy to increase BAME participation in further and higher education which ignores important differences between ethnic groups. I write regularly for The Business Influencer Magazine, FE News. I am always open to being approached for podcasts and guest appearances and contributions. I am available to provide informed comment and insight for all media, print, radio, television and digital on specialist topics such as Personal development and lifelong learning, Welfare, and social care. Diversity and inclusion as well as growing and scaling businesses.


With a keen interest and passion for business, I am proud to have personal interested in a number of successful businesses.

Safaraz Ali


Some quick information on things I am asked for all the time, if your business or event is in need of  a local, high profile business and investment professional then read on..

I am proud to be an investor in business and people. But always on the look out for new opportunities so don’t be shy, get in touch to see how I could add value to your business. 

Do you produce a regular podcast and need an experienced business professional and social entrepreneur? I have appeared as a guest on many podcasts and even run my own. 

Regularly interviewed, I have experience with the media and don’t shy away from appearances for interview at media events. 

With involvement in many business events as a sponsor & Judge, these include: The Birmingham Awards, Business Book Awards, BAME Apprenticeship Awards, Festival of Apprenticeships and more. 

With experience of speaking on a panel, I am frequently requested to provide expertise at live events and business workshops.

Safaraz Ali


i have the pleasure in working with some of the UK's leading business professionals and mentors.


Leave me some details and I will get back to you.


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